The Importance of a Child Support Lawyer


A child Support lawyer is essential to ensuring that children receive the financial stability they need following their parents’ divorce. While differences of opinion between divorcing couples over custody, visitation, and spousal maintenance may cause heated arguments, the legal system recognizes that both parents have a duty to financially support their children. A skilled Phoenix AZ family law attorney can help ensure that the responsible parent makes timely and complete payments.


When a court establishes a child support order, it follows state-set guidelines to determine the amount of payment each parent must make. These guidelines are designed to meet a child’s reasonable needs in terms of medical, dental, and educational costs, while taking into account both parents’ incomes and their ability to pay. Judges are not quick to deviate from these Guidelines and are often bound by them when establishing child support amounts.


The most significant factor in determining a child’s financial needs is the parents’ combined monthly incomes. The number of overnight stays each parent has with the child or children will also impact the child support amount, as will any additional expenses related to the care and upbringing of a special needs child. The primary goal of these guidelines is to set an amount that allows both parents to share in the responsibility of raising their child or children.


One common issue that causes friction between a couple during divorce proceedings is deciding which parent is responsible for paying for their child’s extracurricular activities. While these activities are important to a child’s education, personal development, and overall growth, they can be expensive. A good child Support lawyer in Phoenix AZ can explain the importance of keeping records on these activities to make sure that the parent who pays for them is not overpaying for them.


Parents should also be aware that a court may order back child support if the non-custodial parent intentionally concealed assets to avoid paying their child support obligation. The primary custodial parent also has a duty to report all of the income that they earn to the court, and failure to do so can lead to a finding of contempt of court.

Another question that many parents have is whether or not their child support payments will affect any other type of state assistance they may be receiving. An experienced attorney can assist with this process by explaining the different types of benefits that a family might be eligible for and what impacts child support payments.


Child support is not a reimbursable expense. Likewise, any debts that the person obligated to pay child support accrue while he or she is paying it will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. This is true regardless of how the debts were incurred, so it is important for parents to be aware that they are responsible for their obligations unless they obtain relief from the debt in a separate proceeding. For more information about this process, contact an experienced Phoenix AZ Child Support lawyer for a consultation.

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