The Benefits of a Vinyl Fence


A vinyl fence is an ideal choice for those who want a fence that is strong and long-lasting. This type of fence is made from synthetic plastics, and some versions are even made of recycled plastics to increase UV stability and strength. Vinyl fences are also very easy to install and are available in a variety of colors and styles to match your home and landscaping.

These fences are composed of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and other ingredients to make them more durable. They are low-maintenance and often come with a lifetime warranty. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer that is used widely in the building products industry. In fact, nearly three-quarters of vinyl is used for building applications.

When cleaning vinyl fences, keep in mind that they will need a pressure washing once in a while. This process is usually performed by a contractor. Installation of vinyl fences is relatively easy, and the hardest part is typically anchoring the posts into concrete. Snapping the panels into place is also very simple.

The cost of a vinyl fence depends on many factors, including the size and height of the fence, the current cost of materials, and the cost of labor. Additional accessories, such as gates, may also raise the price. The thickness of the vinyl also plays a role in the cost. The cheaper vinyl fences are often made of thin material, which makes them easily damaged. On the other hand, thicker vinyl fences require less maintenance.

Another great feature of a vinyl fence is that it’s extremely easy to clean. Other types of fencing, such as wood, require regular painting or staining. Unlike wood, vinyl will only need to be cleaned when necessary. With proper care, your vinyl fence will look great for months and years! They also don’t fade, chip, or crack, and won’t chalk.

A vinyl fence can be constructed with two main types of post. The first is mono-extruded, and the second type uses CO extrusion, which is a newer process. CO extrusion is more durable and is also more advanced than mono-extruded. However, mono-extrusion requires more mixing and blending.

Another type of vinyl fence is a solid privacy fence. This type of fence is low-maintenance and is one of the most popular. It has tongue-and-groove boards, which make it a great choice for privacy and safety. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles. The only thing you have to remember about this type of fence is that dirt and grime are more visible than those of other types of fencing.

For the installation process, it is best to hire a professional Peterborough fence company. An experienced fence contractor should charge around $800 for 150 linear feet. However, if you are considering DIY vinyl fence installation, you’ll have to do some research and compare prices. While these prices are generally national averages, there can be significant regional differences in costs.

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